All are welcome at every General Meeting of the 44th LD Democrats.

We meet on the Second Thursday of every month at 7pm. Our next meeting is on November 13th, and our reorganization meeting is on December 11th.

Our meeting location has changed! We will be meeting at:

Walsh Room of the Education Annex at Station 43 of Fire District 4
1525 Avenue D, Snohomish WA, 98290

If you are not familiar with this location, it is the fire station located at the new roundabout at Avenue D & Bickford Avenue.
It is right next door to the Snohomish School District building at 1601 Avenue D, Snohomish WA 98290

Mark Hintz
Chair, 44th LD Democrats
P.O. Box 14, Snohomish, WA 98291

August 2014 Newsletter

In this issue: Primary election results and next steps for the General Election, Environmental report, the Parades in Pictures, and lots more!

General Meeting 44th LD 1/13/13

General Meeting of the 44th LD: 1/13/13
1. Call to order was at 7:07PM. The flag salute was led by State Sen. Steve Hobbs.
2. Step Up: Mary McNaughton shared that Marsha Scutvick is back in the hospital with pneumonia. We all wish her well.
3. Adoption of Agenda and previous minutes. It was moved, seconded and approved to accept the agenda and minutes as written.
4. VIP and Candidate Introductions
a. Terry Ryan is considering running for county commissioner in the 4th district. Dave Gosset currently hold the position.

General Meeting 44th LD 12/13/12

44th LD General Meeting

7:05PM: Call to order.
Flag salute led by Rep. Hans Dunshee.

A roll call of voting members was done. Present were 19 elected PCOs.

1. Approval of Agenda: Janet Whitlock moved and Marvetta Toler seconded the motion. Approved unanimously.

2. Adoption of Rules: The rules were amended by the chair to include the position of secretary, which had been omitted from the list of positions to be elected. Marvetta Toler moved that the Rules as adopted as amended. Jim DeBlasio seconded. Approved unanimously.

General Meeting 44th LD October 11, 2012

General Meeting 44th LD
October 11, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the Snohomish School District Office.
Rep. Hans Dunshee led the flag Salute.

1. The agenda was approved. The minutes from the last general meeting were approved with no additions or corrections.

2. VIP & Candidate Introductions and Updates:
a. Mark Hintz – ask for support for Sheryl McCloud running for state-wide
Supreme Court.

General Meeting Minutes September 13, 2012

Minutes for the General Meeting of the 44th Legislative District September 13, 2012
7:05 Call of Order and Pledge of Allegiance
1. Review of Minutes: Motion to accept, moved, seconded. Approved unanimously.
2. Campaign Updates:
a. Mary McNaughton: 1990 was the last time a woman was elected from the 44th LD (she was a Republican).
b. Lacey Harper from Hans Dunshee Campaign regarding Harmsworth media buy and various polls. Karen Guzak's event on
9/23/12 from 3:30 - 5:00 at Angel Arms for Jay Inslee.

44th LD October Newsletter

44th LD October Newsletter now available

The 44th LD news letter is now available - in this issue:
- Chairs Corner
- Candidate Highlights - Hans Dunshee and Mary McNaughton - learn how to help
- Jay Inslee event at Angel Arms - Pictures and report of event - her signed some of our cookbooks!
- Election for new 44th LD Officers coming up in December - consider running for office!
- A view on SJR 8223
- An election night party at the Nile - sign up now!
- 44th LD endorsements

44th LD 2012 Endorsed Candidates and Initiatives

The attached documents cover the candidate and initiative endorsements for the 44th Legislative District for the November 6, 2012 General Election.


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